September 27, 2006

The Other Half of This Twisted Brain

And now we reach the true cause of this blog's greatly delayed start: my great dely in introducing myself. I am (un)known to the blogging world as Tweek. My exploits are also (un)known far and wide. I am the author of two blogs currently dormant, though hopefully soon to be revived. My mind loves to draw connections and disect our world in ways normal human beings don't. Few others ponder potential zombie behavior or other random social topics as intently as I. I'm fascinated by language, and love discecting it to discover the true meaning of virgin blood and what to call those wonderful wings you get from BW3's. This blog is outlet for my slight insanity. In these (web) pages, you will find discussions and debates worthy of a Kevin Smith movie.

But enough about me. For more about me and my life, check out my profile and other blogs. And so, without further ado, let the blogging begin.

P.S - There may be a little ado. Two of my fishies died today, so this is a time for mourning (one was a two-year anniversary present from my girlfriend. She told me that it was a symbol of our relationship, and when it died, so would our love...I think it's time for a Wal-Mart run).

September 12, 2006

A Beginning... Not a new one, a horribly late on.

Hey!  If you are reading this, may God have rest on your soul... Just joking, Allah too!  (Oh, and if I spelled your gods name wrong, please forgive me, I can't spell.)  What you have infront of your carpal tunnel ridden hands, is a blog of epic porportions, one that may one day need its own class in  a university, Urban Philosophy!  We here, and by we, I mean the blogs creators. Yes!  There are two of us!  Want to share our philosophic passion with you, a passion for that which is not eaisly understood.  Before long, you (undersigned as the "reader, poor poor pitiful reader.") will go on a journey of zombies, myths, arguments, and the existance of the "nerdgasm", just to name a few.  All of the things in this blog, will be from us, or reputable sources, and by reputable source, we mean someone else that will get no credit (suckers).  So, in the way created by 14th. century Machiavellin philosophers, we welcome you to our blog, pitiful creature!  Have a nice day!