September 8, 2007

The iPod Touch is MINE!!!

UPDATE: Finally shipped!!!!

That's right. Apple has announced the iPod Touch. It's essentially an iPhone without the microphone, speakers, and phone capabilities. The iPod comes with build in WiFi, Safari, Addresses, Calendar and all the other goodies we've come to love.

It gets better. Reportedly, the applications on the iPod touch are the "same damn binaries" as those running on the iPhone. This means that all those wonderful third-party iPhone apps will require little to no iPod touch translation. I'm sure it won't be long until there are full-featured webmail apps, VoIP (if there's ever a microphone attachment) and wonderful touch-screen games.

Apparently there's also rumblings that the new version of Xcode contains hints at an official iPhone and iPod touch SDK. That would open the floodgates and make the iPod touch an amazing PDA that happens to be damn good at playing movies and music.

Best news is, I'm getting one!! As a present from my wonderful girlfriend, and brand new iPod touch is being shipped out when the first wave hits consumers near the end of the month.
I couldn't be more excited. Reviews to come.