May 27, 2008

A Pint-Sized problem

This new Mike Myers movie is coming out. The Love Guru I believe it's called. Anyway, there's the preview where Myers asks the little person if he'd like some shrimp and the guy gets offended.

It has come to my attention that every movie I can think of that has a midget in it contains some sort of pun regarding the size of the person. By the way, if midget is politically incorrect, I'm sorry, but it's just me conveying my point.

Elf: The midget is a business man who gets called and elf.

Me, Myself, And Irene: The black limo driver gets offended when Jim Carrey refers to "his people." I'm pretty sure he's talking about Limo Drivers. Anyway, the midget gets offended, one for being a midget, the other for being black.

Austin Powers 2&3: Mini-Me gets loads of crap for being small. And look at the name. Mini?!

Furthermore, there are "reality" shows about midget families and the lives they live.

I'd just like to see this conversation in a show:

Dan: Hey Jerry, did you close the account?
Jerry: Yeah, major pay boost.
Dan: Awesome. I'm outta here man, I'll see you tomorrow.
Jerry: All right, you too.

One of those two is a midget. No mention of him being one! Maybe in a more perfect world.